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The Franchise Process

The elephant in the Room

Path to Franchising

Our men’s haircut franchise can be a time and financial freedom opportunity for motivated and diligent entrepreneurs. You may be wondering what happens after you reach out to us about being awarded an Elephant in the Room franchise.

Listed below is a quick overview of our selection process:

Icon - Phase 1


Initial Phone Overview

Once you’ve submitted your information via the contact forms you will receive a call from our franchise development specialists. They will then assist you by answering any of the initial questions that you have.

Icon - Phase 2

Franchise DisclosureDocumentreview

Document Review

You will then need to complete the private online profile. This will provide us with all of the information that we need to decide if you are qualified to run an Elephant in the Room franchise. Our franchise team will then reach out to and schedule a phone meeting and answer any questions that you may have at this point.


Icon - Phase 2

Icon - Phase 3

Discoveryday2 Day Shadow Experience

Discovery Day

Our goal with every new franchisee is to establish a long term win-win relationship. We want to find out early on what we can expect from you and we want to clarify with you what you can expect from us. During this phase you will also receive our franchise disclosure document, it will provide you with all of the needed information that franchisees need to make an informed decision.


Franchise Phase 4


Execute Franchise Agreements

We want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to move forward with an Elephant in the Room Franchise. We encourage you to do your research into the brand, what they stand for, and the Elephant in the Room customer experience.


Franchise Phase 4

Franchise Phase 5

LeadershipReal Estate

Secure Real Estate

During your Discovery Day, you will observe the call center and shadow managers. During your Discovery Day our leadership team will be interacting with you and you will have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered.


Franchise Phase 6

36hrsIn Person Training Week

You Get your franchise

Following your Discovery Day our team will review your application and make a decision on awarding franchises! You will be reached at within 36 hours as to whether we believe you would be the right fit to run an Elephant in the Room Franchise. Once you are approved you will be allowed to sign all of the franchise agreements after waiting for the mandated Federal Trade commission’s 7-day waiting period.


Franchise Phase 6


OngoingcoachingOn-Going Weekly Coaching


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